The wealth gap is increasing leading to heightened inequality

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No one could have predicted the year 2020 would turn out to be this way. The word “unprecedented” has been thrown around a lot in the media, but if you were to sum 2020 in just one word, it's certainly been unprecedented.

And to see what is happening in the economy, with massive unemployment across the globe and pandemic led casualties at an all-time high (with some nations experiencing third and fourth waves of the virus) on the one hand, while on the other hand, we have the stock markets at an all-time high and property prices booming in most major economies, this does not seem justifiable at all and even the most distinguished of economists have been proved wrong. …


Anshul Gupta

A freelance writer, I have been a finance enthusiast from my childhood and am really intrigued by investing, stock markets and personal finance.

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